2016 Summer B Courses with a Creative Focus

Creative B brings the following Summer B courses to you:

“Research Methods at UF”
HUM 2930x4C05 IDS 2935x4D40

What do artists, engineers, biologists, educators, physicians, writers, historians and other scientists and scholars have in common? Research! Do want to learn more about it? “Research Methods at UF” is a course for all majors that provides a dynamic, interdisciplinary and interactive overview of diverse research methodologies conducted by UF faculty. Panels of UF faculty will discuss their individual journeys to becoming a researcher. This course is great for all majors and undecided majors.

More information (.pdf)

“Creating Mobile Games”
DIG2931c – Section 41F9
Instructor: Seunghyuk Jang
For more information: www.digitalworlds.ufl.edu

“Creating Mobile Games” is an introductory course on designing your own mobile game with simple drag & drop programming and basic asset creation. Students will explore mobile game design, original art asset creation, drag & drop programming and multiple platform development.

“Digital Entertainment Trends”
DIG2931c – Section 41B7
Instructor: Patrick Pagano
For more information: www.digitalworlds.ufl.edu

“Digital Entertainment Trends” is an introductory course offering all University of Florida students the opportunity to explore media technology trends and their effect on our culture. Students will explore innovative digital “gadgets,” experimental video games, freeware smartphone apps and “Leap Motion” technology.